Top 10 Must have Kitchen Appliances

Are you looking to find out the must have kitchen appliances? Whether you’re from India or from any part of the globe. We have listed the top 10 appliances for your kitchen that you should get right now!

Simple, tasty and healthy food transported from kitchen to dinner table reflects India’s cooking style. Food preparation can however be tedious.

Cooking is easier with proper kitchen accessories. This kind of equipment will also inspire people to cook unique and tasty foods for the family.

The Indian Kitchen includes modern appliances, standard utensil storage containers as well as standard appliances. Cooking is a very enjoyable activity for everyone.

Modern cooking requires the use of modern appliances and equipment for preparing meals. You can make cooking faster, efficient and pleasant.

In most modern homes, your refrigerator, stovetop oven will probably be in place.

Besides cooking, there are still other items that can improve your kitchen’s efficiency. In describing these basic necessities we will use practical appliances to simplify your kitchen life.

Must have Kitchen Appliances

Mixer Grinder

Everyone making Indian dishes regularly knows the importance of mixing grinders. It mixes grinds and juicing, which is what makes it in this list as the main appliance in the kitchen.

You can prepare spices using the smallest bottle, grind sauce in the medium jar then put juices, dosas in the tall container.

Because of its multifunctional functionality, they are an essential appliance for the kitchen. Best Mixer grinder in India, this Usha juicer mixer grinder available at Croma is a good companion for juice mixing, grinding the batter and making chutney.

mixer grinder

Food processors

It’s not just cooking that takes a little time, it’s preparation that takes a lot of effort. Chopping up a few ingredients is quite difficult.

Then food processing can save you! A best food processor in India can chop, puree and combine dough and batter in just a few minutes.

It will be an absolute necessity in the kitchen, as you’ll cut down the preparation time easily. It wasn’t as easy to chop onions, puree the tomatoes to make the dough.

It’s an excellent home appliance, since it encourages you to cook more at home and saves you money on takeout! Its blade is sharp, however it is important to avoid it for children.

food processor


Microwaves are essential appliances on your home electronic item list. The microwave has become an essential appliance for cooking dishes and baking cakes.

If the weather gets really hot you can use a microwave for quick results. Boil and steam the vegetables and reheat the leftovers quickly.

If you’re interested in trying something creative, you might try using microwave cooking techniques. There is endless potential! Best Microwave oven in India, this FB Solo microwave oven is compact but powerful. This is the most popular home appliance available online at Flipkart.

microwave oven

Hand blender

A mixer can be used as an essential appliance to home cooks since it has multiple uses. It is used when mixing liquids with batters.

You just need to put your blender head fully in the batter before you press the button until you have blended everything together. You can choose between manual and electronic cookers to suit your needs.

I like soup so making it at home is crucial so a hand blender is necessary. You need to list these appliances for a simple kitchen! Best Hand blender in India. The Philips Daily Collection hand blender is an ideal buy to add an electronic item to your kitchen collection.

hand blender

Toaster Oven

Although not everyone has one, toasters tend to get popular among people who like their bread crisp or cookies crisp.

In fact toaster ovens can make many more than reheating and cooking bread and cakes and are able to serve whole meals such as meats & veggies for cooking. When buying it, you must have a convection-based system installed in the box.

Your food can thus get evenly heated before you can consume it. It can also be changed during the cooking times depending on your preference and your requirements, so that it won’t be difficult to cook.

toaster oven

Electric kettle

The coffee machine is an amazing addition to your kitchen. Best Electric kettle heating makes hot water more hot than the traditional kettle. The water also infuses the heat and provides you with water whenever needed.

A kettle serves as a must have cooking appliance for all kinds of cooking. Electric Kettle The Electric Kettle by Morphy Richard is available on Amazon as a stylish addition to our kitchens!

electric kettle


No one is willing to take care of the cooking. The best dishwasher in India is therefore the perfect solution to any home. It is made for washing and disinfection of dishes and soaking in fresh water for preparing the next meal.

With options like delayed starter, economy wash, half load wash and sanitizing, the washing machines can help clean the dishes easier while utilizing fewer resources. A washing machine can be expensive. There are also free EMI alternatives to pay the bill in monthly installments. Microwaves.


Pressure cooker

Can you list some appliances which are more synonymous with Indian cookers? Almost everyone wakes up in their mornings to the noises in the best pressure cooker in the kitchen.

If one has mastered this device Indian cuisine becomes easy. Place everything in the pot and wait until it works out. Dals rice curries may take just a few minutes in pressure-cooked cooker. There are numerous pressure cooker brands that offer the best quality in cooking appliances as quality always comes first.

pressure cooker


A great blender can make incredibly helpful recipes, especially if it involves mixing ingredients prior to serving. Although they’re not difficult enough to make yourself, having a great blender will make cooking easier.

Make sure your best blender has several speed settings, preset programs and ideally self-cleaning functions. So you can create smoothies or puree the food ingredients with little or no hassle. Get one which has the power needed for frequent usage.

Kitchen scale

While this is not really a big deal, it is a good idea to know that it’s not just a matter of knowing what ingredients are needed to cook. This allows for the control of your eating and keeping your size. To find the right scale for yourself, click on

In addition to cutting foods off from your diet, you may weigh your food without measurements. Of course some scales have particular functions so checking them will help before buying one.

Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are perfect for slow cooking. The flavor is therefore preserved and cooking processes are easier. When you buy your slow cooker make sure that it is equipped to handle different cooking situations. Whenever possible, get one with an easy clean ceramic dish that will easily wipe off any dirt.

What is the most useful appliance?

Refrigerators. A refrigerator can be a crucial part in any home and is a necessity. If your house does not include refrigerators, then you need to put them first on your list. Your remaining appliance may be inefficient and you won’t be able to store food.

Some other essential kitchen appliances are rice cooker which helps you to cook rice and also a slow cooker.

best food processors are more prominent and useful nowadays to process food and to make food processor chops using the kitchen tools.

Using an espresso machine you can prepare a nice hot coffee for yourself while you’re at the dining table using the coffee maker which is a great kitchen appliance.

Having grilled veggies, rice dish or boil pasta leftovers by reheating food saves you some money as well as makes easier cleaning in kitchen.

Get yourself the above mentioned small appliances like air fryer and dishwasher safe dutch oven to make your life easier.


Home Cook is a simple, tasty food delivered directly to your eating. Sometimes, the preparations of meals are time-consuming and tedious. The right kitchen appliances are essential for making preparing food easier.

This device will also inspire you in imagining exciting new recipes for your beloved family. In addition to the traditional tools and containers available, you can buy the most modern appliances online. The cooking essentials will easily turn into a favorite part of your day!

All products have been thoroughly curated by our editors. It’s very likely that you’ll have a kitchen at home. Kitchens can provide a chance to develop your cooking abilities by tweaking a classic like cooking mac ‘n cheese in roasted broccoli and buffalo sauce — or creating your own.